Jack Recommendations

Jack's Recommendations

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Vital Foods $

Grød $

Gasoline Grill $$

Killer Kebab $$

Mums Dinner $

Domhusets Smørrebrød $ (open sandwich)

Hallernes Smørebrød $$ (open sandwich)

Riz Raz $$

District Tonkin $$

DØP – Organic Sausage Man $$

Torvhallerne $$ (it’s a food hall, with everything you could possible want)


High end restaurants - You might have realised I’m not the guy to go to many $$$ establishments, but I have been to some from work, so, Norrlyst, Odette, Gabrielle, Theo, Gemini & Væksthuset are a group of very nice restaurants that run with the Nordic cuisine model. They’ll give you 10% off when you make your booking by quoting “Jack CFWT"


Tipsy Mermaid $$ (Beers on an old boat)

Summer time, get some drinks from the shop and sit by the canals $

If you fancy a bar crawl, go on our website and find our partner that host bar crawls Pub Crawl Copenhagen, discount at the bottom of the recommendations.



National Museum

Carlsberg Glyptotek

Christiansborg Palace

Rosenborg Palace

Harbour Boat Tour (especially if it's raining) Here is the link to skip the queue–




Ali’s Bageri $

Meyers Bageri $$

Grød $

Hidmona $ (one meal seams expensive but it will feed 2 people)

Turning Chicken $

Zeit & Zatar $

Jacob and the Spices $

Lygten Kro (German) $$


Leanowski (5 bottles for 100kr, good spot to meet people) $

Stefanhus (Good spot to meet people)

Brus (fancy beer place)

Blågårdsgade has alot of bars on the whole street. This is a good place if you don’t want to think too much about what to do, but also $$.

In the summer Dronning Louises Bridge, and the lakes beside, is the place where people drink on the street if you fancy that. $

My Perfect Day in Nørrebro:

Cycling Route:


Donkey Republic Bike (download the app) Use CFWTJACK for 15% discount

Morning and breakfast – Brush my teeth (important), go get some breakfast in Ali’s Bageri I would recommend a sesame and cheese mix flatbread and order a humus. Walk along the cycle path and pick up a coffee in Coffee Collective and have a look and the most amazing play park in the city (it has a big wooden plane). Carry on walking down to Assistens Graveyard, but don’t worry, it’s the least creepy graveyard you will see. Explore around the graveyard trying to find the grave of Søren Kirkegaard, Niels Bohr and HC Anderson.

Midday and Lunch - Come out and grab something easy for lunch, and take it to Byoasen and eat my lunch watching the goats play in the park. Walk in and around the main street exploring and checking out the shops. Until ready to have a beer. Have a beer at Dronning Louises Bro, watching people cycle and walk by.

Dinner and Evening - Go back into Nørrebro and either have dinner at Jacob and Spices or Hidmona.

Finishing of the night with a drink in one of the many bars in Blågårsgade


POPL Burger $$

Hos Kiloli Pizza $

Hooked $$

Morgenstedet $ (seems expensive from the menu but the portions are really big)

Grønsagen $

Square Burger $$ (best rated burger in the city)

Reffen Food Market (only in the summer, and too many places to talk about, but great) $$


High End Food - Lola $$$ (its on the Michelin list, and goes by Nordic cuisine ethos. The owner has set it up with the owners of Noma and have worked closely with them, however, the prices are much more down to earth than Noma). If you type “Jack CFWT” in the comment box or say it at arrival, they’ll discount 10%.



Kultur Tårnet $ (favourite spot for coffee or a date) $+

Eifel Bodega (smoking) $

Canal Bodega (Smoking) $

Christiania Bryghus $$

Rosforth and Rosforth $$$


After you do our tour of Christianhavn, I recommend you do this route on a bicycle. You can rent a Donkey Republic Bike (download the app) Use CFWTJACK for 15% discount. Ride the bike through Christiania Town Centre, across Dyssebroen (bridge) then directly left after the bridge. Cycle along the lake and stop to admire all the strange buildings that the Christianites have built. These have been built mostly with re-used and natural materials, the creativity is very fun as they built with out permission, so creativity is possible. At the end of the path and lakes, to the left, is Noma with it’s Greenhouses (you’re not going to get a table). Take a right and head for Copenhill power station.

Get the lift up to the top of Copenhill and admire the views (check closing times). If you want to ski down the side of the power station you can rent ski’s at the bottom. Afterwards Cycle towards Reffen Food Market (closed in winter). Have Dinner and drinks from the many stalls at the food market, they also have gigs during the summer on the weekend, their website has the details.



Absalon Kirke $ (communal dining, you must book a ticket online to join.

Smagløget $$ (It’s expensive but the sandwiches will feed 2, the Flæskesteg Sandwich, is great.

Meyers Deli $$ (best Flæskesteg Sandwich in town

Græsk Smag (Greek) $$

Hooked $$ (I’ve lived in England for 5 years and this is the best fish and chips I’ve had)

Istanbul Friend Chicken $

Isted Grill $ (After a night out food)

Ban Gaw (Thai) $


For local, high quality souvenirs check out Copenhagen Vibes. Let them know that you joined one of our tours and they will give you a 10% discount. 


Skippers Bodega $$ (small and smoking)

St Pauli 54 $$ (smoking)

The Meat packing district is the general place for drinks and partying, personally I like…

Mestern & Lærlingen $$

War Pigs $$

H15 $$

Åben Brewery

Other fun activities in Copenhagen:

Pub Crawl Copenhagen discount code: "CFWT"

Improv Comedy Copenhagen (use “FWTCICC” for 10% discount)

Strömma boat and bus tours, skip the queue: