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The Christianshavn Tour


Experience one of Copenhagen's most famous neighborhoods, Christianshavn.


On our Christianshavn Tour, you'll uncover the fascinating military and trading history of the island. Walk through the cobbled streets along the picturesque canals of Christianshavn, inspired by another popular European destination. Learn about the history of the Freetown of Christiania, Copenhagen's hippies, as well as the creative and alternative ways they established their community. Christianshavn is close to the city center, but with different vibes, let us guide you through Christianshavn rich history and culture. 

Christianshavn Tour: Daily at 15:00 from the Statue of Bishop Absalon in Hojbro Plads, look for the guides with the Green Umbrella.

The Grand Tour


Get to know Copenhagen's history and highlights on our Grand Tour


Stories about the city's fascinating history and while seeing some of the must-see sights in the city center. Learn about Copenhagen's transformation from a humble fishing town to the vibrant capital known for its hygge, happiness, fairy tales, cycling culture, Royal family and more.

Grand Tour: Daily at 10:30 from the steps of Radhuspladsen, look for the guides with the Green Umbrella.

The Classical Tour


Our Classical Tour takes you through hidden spots in the city center.


Head into Renaissance Copenhagen on this cozy tour. You'll have the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks such as Copenhagen's Cathedral, the Round Tower, and Rosenborg Palace. During the tour, you'll also hear fascinating stories about the Denmark's craziest king and his extravagant parties, along with eccentric, brainy, and treacherous characters in Danish history, with the latin quarter as the background of our stories. We will finish the tour at Torverhallerne Food Market, where you can try  the best Danish and international dishes.

Classical Tour: Selected days at 12:00 from the Statue of Bishop Absalon in Hojbro Plads, look for the guides with the Green Umbrella.

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Grand Tour Meeting Point

Classical Tour & Christianshavn Tour Meeting Point

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Fleur w

Great tour by Martin! We enjoyed it a lot despite the cold :)

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5 months ago
Ani Stoyanova

Wayne was incredible, super knowledgeable! We had a blast!

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5 months ago
Liz Hill

Laura was amazing!

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5 months ago
Shafic Saad

Great tour. Rikke was very informative and helpful.

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5 months ago
Sarah Deeks

Fantastic informative tour with plenty of humour from Mikkel.
We learned so much more About the buildings than we would have by walking around ourselves.

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5 months ago
Moe Chekhar

In all my travels (120 cities around the world), never have I imagined myself participating, let alone enjoying guided tours! Till today, I used to think they’re dull and full of information that isn’t my cup of tea! Jack’s tour, on the other hand, has completely blown me away! I had so much fun and learnt so much!!!! It felt like there’s more to the meaningless stack of bricks people pose next to or take photos of🧱 Jack’s brought Copenhagen to life, for me! I felt like the city spoke to me! His humour, self-duplication and just overall vibe did not fail to impress! *Jack Five head* Thanks Jack!!

Tour 2: Thanks Wayne for an equally brilliant tour in the afternoon!! It was great and also full of information.

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5 months ago