The Christianshavn Tour

The Christianshavn Tour

Group photo with Bishop Absalon
Daniel with his group at Knippels Bro
Tour guides Rikke and Daniel
Group photo in Christianshavn
Tour guide Jack
Tour Guide David selfie with his group
Daniel and. his group
Christianshavn Graffiti

    Things to consider before booking:

    • We run the tour every day in any weather, make sure that you are prepared for whatever Copenhagen has in store: rain, sun, snow, wind, and cold temperatures.
    • We need 5 guests to run the tour, if we do not meet the minimum, the guide may cancel the tour.
    • Are you a group of 7 or more? Our tours are designed for small groups of friends and families traveling together. For logistics, safety, and for the optimal tour experience for all of our guests, we ask that you book a private tour. (If you make multiple bookings that add up to 6 or more, your group will be turned away from the free tour)
    • Please make sure you understand and agree with our terms and conditions before booking, we want you to have the best time even if it is not with us.

    When does it start?

    15:00 every day. 

    Where does it start?

    The Statue of Bishop Absalon at Hojbro Plads. 

    How long is the tour?

    90 minutes

    Where does it end?

    Just outside an entrance to the Freetown of Christiania

    Tour description:

    Our Christianshavn tour will take you to the alternative side of Copenhagen. Christianshavn is the site of some of the newest and some of the oldest architecture in the city - and, of course, it is home to the freetown Christiania. Unique churches, odd bridges, and a 50-year old social experiment wrapped up in a 90-minute walk that drops you off at the front door of Christiania.

    Note: Only the residents of the Freetown of Christiania are allowed to take groups inside. Although we finish the tour outside the Freetown of Christiania, we will not leave you without giving you the history as well as some recommendations to see when you visit and explore on your own. 


    It's FREE  - our pay what you like model means that you can choose what to pay at the end of the tour.

    Tour highlights:

    • Gammel Strand
    • Holmenkirke

    • Børsen

    • The National Bank
    • The Harbor
    • Knippels Bridge
    • Christianshavn Canals
    • Church of our Savior
    • ...more!

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