The Harbor Tour

The Harbor Tour

Bikes in front of Nyboder Image of the Little Mermaid
Copenhagen Opera House
Tour guide Jesus in Kastellet
Walking along the fortifications of Kastellet
Tour Guide Jack

    Things to consider before booking:

    • We run the tour every day in any weather, make sure that you are prepared for whatever Copenhagen has in store: rain, sun, snow, wind, and cold temperatures.
    • We need 5 guests to run the tour, if we do not meet the minimum, the guide may cancel the tour.
    • Are you a group of 7 or more? Our tours are designed for small groups of friends and families traveling together. For logistics, safety, and for the optimal tour experience for all of our guests, we ask that you book a private tour. (If you make multiple bookings that add up to 6 or more, your group will be turned away from the free tour)
    • Please make sure you understand and agree with our terms and conditions before booking, we want you to have the best time even if it is not with us.

    When does it start?

    11:00 on select days, please check our booking calendar

    Where does it start?

    The lobby of Generator Hostel

    How long is the tour?

    2.5 hours

    Where does it end?

    Ofelia Plads

    Tour description:

    Join our newest walk, The Little Mermaid and Harbor Tour and learn all about Denmark’s history as a naval and merchant power, and see some of our most famous statues and buildings, from the Little Mermaid to modern architecture like the Copenhagen Opera House.

    For hundreds of years, Denmark controlled the entrance to the Baltic sea, which gave it formidable power. Today, the old naval and merchant quarters have been turned into parks, grand promenades, and palaces.

    Visit an old star fort, the Little Mermaid, the royal gardens and more, and hear about Danish military might, slave rebellions, and the future of Copenhagen’s harbor.


    It's FREE  - our pay what you like model means that you can choose what to pay at the end of the tour.

    Tour highlights:

    • King's Garden
    • Nyboder

    • Kastellet

    • The Little Mermaid
    • Langelinie Parken
    • St. Alban's Church
    • Homage to Queen Mary
    • The Copenhagen Harbor
    • ...more!

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